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Platinum Text Ads Benefits and Features

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Guaranteed Traffic! (Solo Ads, Super Solo Network, Sonic Solos, Traffic Links, Text Ads, HTML Ads, Recommended Links, Button Banners, Traffic Links, Banner Ads, Solo Footer Ads, Botton &Top Nav, Daily Bonus Ads, Referral activity and daily login bonuses & Hot Links.!!)
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Site Features

The following features are available to members, depending on your chosen membership level:

  • Contact Solo Ads Sent to All Members!
  • Credit-based e-mailer for JV Partners to contact their downline, up to 10-levels deep
  • Up to 50% commissions for all upgrades and advertising purchases
  • Affordable Super Solo Ads to 22,589+ members at 21 sites!
  • Monthly advertising package for JV Partners
  • Referral activity and daily login bonuses

SonicSolos Are Here!

SonicSolos Go out to All Members of Marketers Know How, Platinum Text Adz, and Clix4Profits to Triple Your Advertising Efforts! No Other Site Does This! This is a New Feature Available to Our Network of Sites. SonicSolo Click Guarantee - Your SonicSolo is Guranteed to get at Least 250 Clicks in 5 Days, if not, contact support to get it resent! Wait there's more!

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NO AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink, Comcast, ATT Email Addresses
( You Won't Receive The Confirmation Email )

All Marketers Agree And Recommend A FREE
Gmail Account For Advertising Sites

As a member of this site, please follow these rules:

1. Any account using Boxbe, SpamArrest, or any type of autoresponder will be deleted immediately regardless of their account type or commissions owed!

2. This is NOT a PTC/PTP/PTR site! There are active member rewards, BUT active means posting your ads, as well as reading ads.

3. Absolutely NO Submitters Allowed .

We have changed our format to "No Member Emails!"
Never worry about about having your account
deleted due to "bouncing."

No you can view Emails directly from the Member's
Area without filling up your "inbox!"

The only emails going out from this site will now
only be Admin and Email Verification Email - that's
it! Log in today and start earning credits!

JV Partnership

10000 points on joining

500 points for every ad read

1000 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Post 25 times a day

$17.50 for every Paid JV Referral(excluding OTO)

$8.00 for every Paid Pro Referral(excluding OTO)

50 % Commission On ALL Referral Purchases

Price: $3.99 Monthly

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Pro Membership

3000 points on joining

750 points for every ad read

1200 points for every solo ad click

250 points for every referral

Post 20 times a day

Price: $1.99 Monthly or 900000000 points

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Free Membership

1000 points on joining

500 points for every ad read

750 points for every solo ad click

150 points for every referral

Post 5 times a day

Price: Free

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